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A Potential sponsor has emerged

A potential sponsor has emerged who is looking to secure the long term future of Gartree Community School.
The David Ross Education Trust, who currently run over 20 academies across the East of England, have expressed an interest in the school joining their network....Click here for more

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Calendar of Events…

The events below are planned during the academic year 2013/14:

2013 Events
Students return to School
Thursday 5th September
Prize Evening Wednesday 18th September
Year 7 Settling in Evening Wednesday 18th September
France/Paris Trip Friday 4th October - Monday 7th October
Sir Isaac Newton Lecture at RAF Cranwell Wednesday 9th October
KS3 Disco Thursday 17th October
Non Uniform Day Thursday 17th October
End of Term Thursday 17th October
Students return to School Monday 28th October
Year 10 & 11 Parents Evening Tuesday 29th October
Le Chateau theatre production Tuesday 19th November
Year 7 & 8 Parents Evening Wednesday 27th November
KS3 Disco Thursday 19th December
Non Uniform Day Friday 20th December
Year 11 Grimsby Trip Friday 20th December
End of Term Friday 20th December
2014 Events
Students return to School Tuesday 7th January 2014
Year 11 Parents Evening Tuesday 21st January
Positively Mad - Monday 27th January
Year 11 Exam Busters Monday 27th January
Year 10 Study Skills Monday 27th January
Calamity Jane - Dress Rehearsal Monday 3rd February
Calamity Jane - Primary School Tuesday 4th February
Calamity Jane - Evening Performances Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, Friday 7th February
KS3 Disco Thursday 13th February
Non Uniform Day Thursday 13th February
End of Term Thursday 13th February
Students return to School Monday 24th February
Year 9 Parents and Options Evening Thursday 13th March
Year 10 Work Experience Monday 31st March - Friday 4th April
KS3 Disco Thursday 3rd April
Non Uniform Day Friday 4th April
End of Term Friday 4th April
Students return to School Tuesday 22nd April
Year 10 Parents Evening Thursday 8th May
Non Uniform Day Friday 23rd May
End of Term Friday 23rd May
Students return to School Monday 2nd June
Year 11 Prom Thursday 26th June
Sports Day 1st July
Year 7 Induction Evening Monday 7th July
Year 7 Induction Day Tuesday 8th July
Year 7 & 8 Parents Evening Thursday 17th July
KS3 Disco Tuesday 22nd July
Non Uniform Day Wednesday 23rd July
End of Term Wednesday 23rd July









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